Compliance gap analysis

The first step towards achieving compliance is for us to undertake a compliance gap analysis; a comprehensive snapshot of your current level of compliance with legislation.

Our multi-disciplinary team has the relevant expertise to complete a compliance audit tailored to your obligations, your desired outcomes and also to consumer demand.

The resulting compliance gap analysis details deficiencies and areas of non-compliance with regard to legislation on health & safety and asbestos management, for example, recommending any corrective action that is required to get you to where you want to be.

Compliance gap audit and analysis tools

  • Desktop audit and review of policies and procedures against current statutory requirements
  • Inspection of workplace environments
  • Benchmarking against accepted industry-wide best practice
  • Direct comparison with specific businesses and organisations
  • Assessment of business needs to the end user

Post-analysis, we deliver a full spectrum of services to support you through the complexities of compliance implementation.

Compliance Gap Analysis at FM Project Consultants