Compliance implementation

FM Project Consultants ensure your organisation meets the obligations of robust and ever-changing legislation in a way that works for you. To be found to be non-compliant is simply not an option and compliance can be professionally managed for you.

Considerable, quantifiable cost savings and efficiency benefits are easily achievable when we work with you to oversee your compliance implementation programme.

Equally valuable are the peace of mind and increased levels of control you will have with us on board. We provide the following:

  • Asbestos management plans
  • Training and bespoke toolbox talks
  • Live and current data management
  • Documents review and update
  • Cost analysis for each phase of implementation
  • Contractor and consultancy review
  • Communication plans
  • Asbestos policy
  • Approved contractor list
  • Compliance plan detailing benefits and implementation strategy

We provide all you need to achieve demonstrable and sustained compliance. For further information please refer to our project and programme management page.

Compliance Implementation at FM Project Consultants