Data management compliance solutions

As an entirely independent consultancy, FM Project Consultants can review the full range of property and compliance software available in the marketplace today.

Unlike others, we have not developed our own data management product. This leaves us free to offer truly impartial, expert advice tailored to your needs.

We work with a range of software providers who cover a number of sectors and disciplines. Dedicated software is available to support those with responsibility for estate-, property-, facilities- and asbestos-management.

Dedicated asbestos compliance solutions

Effective management of asbestos data reduces risk. The nominated software offers a real-time compliance overview 24/7. It provides...

  • risk assessment criteria in accordance with HSG227 and HSG264
  • a home for policies, management plans and removal documents
  • prioritisation action reports based on risk
  • effective data dissemination to those at risk
  • uptake of existing information and data

Benefits of asbestos compliance solutions

  • Reduced financial and operational risks
  • Reduced long-term asbestos management costs
  • Higher levels of compliance
  • Benchmarking of surveyors'/consultants' performance
  • Standard and bespoke reporting of data
  • Easy access to third parties for in-putting and viewing data
  • Full client ownership of data

Data Management Services at FM Project Consultants